relive warcraft as it was 15 years ago, but better!

Welcome to <LYONS> on World of Warcraft Classic. We would like to welcome you to our site and to join us. Lions of Judah is a place for those who respect and represent family, honor, and faith.

<LYONS> on WoWc is focused on helping build a tight-knit community of members. Our main goals are to enable achievers, explorers, and PvE content completion – including dungeon farming groups and eventually raids. Secondarily, we support PvP with a  smaller group of enthusiasts as well as ‘light RP’ – scheduled events for getting into character.

Giving back to our local and game communities is very important to us. You will see scheduled Events to raise money for charities, draw attention to needy peoples/issues, and by our very inter-personal actions within World of Warcraft Classic.

If this sounds like a ‘home’ for you, please hit APPLY in the main menu!

what do we offer?

Custom LFG

We use Guilded to create events, raids, and LFG within discord.

Discord Server

multi-game community based discord chat server

Event Scheduling

multiple events scheduled for pve, pvp, and RP

Fund Raising

events for helping others in our world


our aim is to form relationships with our members


yes, if we could, we would give you cake

Currently, <LYONS> has 100% of the players required to form the guild. Our next goal is not yet set.

Heading toward Guild Trader! 31 of 50

100% ready to form the guild when Classic releases!

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