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      December 1, 2018 at 8:39 am #841

      1 – Be excellent to everyone – be polite and respect others, especially those with different religious and political beliefs.

      2 – No Lewdness or Profanity – keep our chat clean, and remember you represent in the game world as well.

      3 – Don’t cause confrontation or division – refer to Code #1.

      4 – No Ninja’ing of resources or Loot – if someone is fighting near a resource node, please expect that they were going to extract it, do not grab it while they are involved in combat.

      4 – No Begging or persistent annoying of anyone – Please ask nicely for your needs, use given channels to post/ask for them, and if you feel you are being ignored, notify the leaders (Leader, Officer).

      5 – Advertising and Self Promotion should be limited – if you have streams, channels, or items to sell, please use the dedicated spaces on discord, website, and facebook and limit promotion in chat.

      6 – No Daedra worship – if you are a werewolf or vampire, that is fine as long as your character does not actively worship any Daedra.

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