Celebrate the New Life Festival for Bonus Rewards & XP!

Earn bonus rewards, get double XP, and celebrate the end of the year in style during the New Life Festival. Learn about all the quests, collectibles, Achievements, and more you can enjoy during this end-of-year event! The Festival Returns The New Life Festival begins this Thursday, December 13, at 10:00AM EST and will run until […]

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Twitch Drops Schedule – December 2018

Wrap up 2018 with more Twitch Drops for The Elder Scrolls Online and a chance to get some Ouroboros Crown Crates! Check out our latest schedule to see when you can tune in to win. This month, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to nab an Ouroboros Crown Crate simply by watching some of your favorite ESO Twitch […]

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Crown Store Showcase – December 2018

Wintery creatures of the north, frozen arms and armor, and unique ESO Plus exclusives make up December’s chilly Crown Store additions. Preview everything that’s coming to the in-game store and get ready to celebrate the New Life Festival. Don’t forget, there’s new ESO Plus deals and a Crown Crate season on the horizon, too! Find […]

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ESO Community Guides – November 2018

Unlock new pets, take on Veteran Maelstrom Arena, or perfect your Magicka Sorcerer build with this new collection of informative community-created guides. BEGINNER’S GUIDES Shimmer – ESO: Free Pets! Shimmer outlines all the pets you can unlock simply by playing the game. Find additional informative ESO guides on Shimmer’s YouTube Channel. Miss Bizz – Magicka […]

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Earn a free pet when you gift crown store items in December

In the spirit of the holiday season, you will receive an in-game pet as a gift from us when you use the Crown Store Gifting system to bring joy to others. Has your guildie or friend had their eye on a fancy pet or mount? Perhaps you want to help a new player get off […]

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